3 May 2017

The People of Christ Church
509 Scott Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

To my dear friends at Christ Church:

Christ Church has had an amazing renaissance over the last several years, due in no small part to its leadership, both on the part of its clergy and its laity. Everyone working together has made some amazing things possible. Now, we are beginning a new phase with the announcements of Scott Walters and Patricia Matthews that they have received calls to new congregations.

First, I must commend Scott for his excellent leadership as Christ Church’s rector. His steady hand, his insight, and his preaching serve as a model for any priest who is focused on parish ministry. Similarly, the work of Patricia both before and after her ordination has certainly impressed me. It is no wonder that other congregations want these two priests; they each have so much talent to offer.

I want to assure you that I will make every effort to see that the foundation that has been laid will continue to be built on so that Christ Church will have a future consistent with its recent past. At the end of the day, a church’s vitality is a reflection of the vitality not only its clergy, but also its laity, and from how well I know you all, I have no concerns. I will work closely with the vestry as we begin the search for a new rector. Just as importantly, I will support your staff, including Kate Alexander, to make certain that the congregation does not “miss a beat” in this time between rectors.

Once again, my thanks to Scott and Patricia, and my congratulations to the congregations that will be the recipients of their many and varied talents. Christ Church should feel proud to send these people out to other congregations. They are examples of the best that the church has to offer.

With every best wish for our future, I remain

Faithfully yours,

Larry R. Benfield
Bishop of Arkansas


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