Stewardship talk by Joan Beetstra

I took one of those sixteen trait personality tests this past week, and although I am not sure how accurately the results reveal my true personality, I was informed by this measure that my resulting personality type, indicated by four letters, is one of the rarest found. The test results stated that less than 1% of the population have this personality type. I was also informed that I share this personality type with the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, so at the very least, I might be in inspiring company in this tiny group. I do have to admit that the test results did ring true in one respect for me. Often, even in the middle of a warm and friendly crowd, I can feel disconnected or even downright lonely. Maybe this is just a state of being human on some level or my own obsessive need for deep conversation, but I feel sure that more than 1% of the population can think of a moment that they felt the very same way. In our over scheduled, cyber connected lives, it is sometimes difficult to find the time or the energy to consider what is most important in life. However, Christ Church gives me the time and the inspiration to feel connected to God and others through a beautiful worship space, uplifting clergy, and programs that reach both those in our congregation and those outside our walls. This time and inspiration are the reasons that my husband and I give to Christ Church. It is an investment that provides opportunities to reflect, connect, and explore our relationship to God and our neighbors. These opportunities happen in so many ways at Christ Church through worship, outreach, and service including programs such as Green Grocers, EYC, Brown Bag Bible Study, Mercy Church, Arts at Christ Church, and so much more. So the next time I feel disconnected in this overly informed, race to the finish world, I know that in the midst of my week is the rest and renewal of worship, religious education, and service that Christ Church provides to all who seek Gods love.


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