Why do I give money to CC? Why do I tithe annually; give additional special gifts and participate in Planned Giving?

Good question — and one I’ve never thought through until now.

There are a lot of great things here at CC but which one do I value most? Which one do I appreciate and want to be experienced by the saints yet to come? 

I often say, “I’m religious, not spiritual.” While that usually gets a laugh, I’m telling the truth.

So, it’s not surprising that religious education, Christian formation is top on my list of great things at CC.

Being Christian is not simply saying so. Life is difficult and finding your way with Christ as your compass is a tough journey.

I need the CC community to teach me, guide me and pick me up and brush me off when I stumble and give me the courage to persevere.

What a joy to have well educated, thoughtful, curious clergy.

What a joy to have memorable sermons.

What a joy to have a community of classmates and fellow worshipers who provide new and different perspectives on faith and who wrestle with the challenge of practicing what we preach.

And what a joy to be among people who respond to doubt and dissent as an invitation to discernment not as lack of faith or lack of effort.

These experiences are of great value to me and I trust by contributing to the financial well being of CC, these experiences will be part of our fabric forever.

Find your most valued part of CC and join me in securing it for saints present and saints yet to come.


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