Flip the Script

I caught the very end of Girls On The Run the other day, and it was awesome. GOTR is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. The program inspires girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experienced based curriculum which creatively integrates running. When I arrived at the school to pick up my daughter, the girls were about to pop a balloon. On the balloon were quotes from the team, examples of their own negative self-talk (e.g. “I’m not smart or pretty enough”). That day’s lesson was about flipping the script on that, about how to turn detrimental messages into positive, affirming ones. “Pop!” went the balloon, busting the problem for the day. Just imagine a world where we all busted our negative self-talk, and managed to master that skill by the age of 8. The world undoubtedly would be a better place.

As we move into a new season of Christian formation for kids and adults at Christ Church, I’ve been meditating on the power of flipping the harmful and negative scripts in our lives. It seems to me that Jesus was very much in the script-flipping business. Consider the questions people asked him. Who is the greatest? Who is my neighbor? Exactly how many times am I required to forgive? Are you the one? How will we know the way? Each and every time, his answer was surprising, outside the norm, unexpected. Question after question, he gave an answer that had the power to heal something that was broken in the questioner. Old scripts were flipped for new, life-giving ones. Old tapes of divine judgment, scarcity, and alienation were challenged by a new message of grace, abundance, and reconciliation.

What scripts need to be flipped in our lives? In our wider world? What old tapes need to be healed? These questions are central to the Christian path. The answers are not trite or easy. If only it were as easy as popping a balloon of quotes. The way of Jesus takes time. It’s a path that offers hope that, if cultivated, can heal despair. Jesus showed the way to connection with God and each other, a way that can heal our profound separations today. Whatever our own questions, whatever our brokenness, his answers are still surprising and healing. Maybe we didn’t master understanding all of this by the age of 8. Fortunately, kids at Christ Church are already getting this message. And through our own prayers and study together, the adults might get it, too. Blessings to all as we enter this new season of sacred script-flipping. - Kate

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