We are very exited to launch a new program at Christ Church. In a variety of ways, we have heard an expressed desire within the congregation for deeper connections with one another, and for the opportunity for authentic companionship in the life of faith. We believe that a small group experience has the potential to fulfill these desires and to strengthen our common life in exciting ways. We are pleased to announce the launch of “Christ Church Commons: Life Together at the Local Level.”

Groups will meet weekly in homes for a season of 10-12 weeks, with new groups starting three times a year. The experience of church in homes is a reclamation of how the earliest Christians met together and grew in their faith. With that in mind as we began to envision this program, we considered geography. As a downtown church whose members come from all over Central Arkansas, we settled on the exciting idea of organizing groups of 12-15 people around neighborhoods. This offers not only the convenience of proximity but also the opportunity to get to know your neighbors who attend Christ Church. Thus the name. “Commons” implies both a shared plot of land and a shared experience. 

We will provide groups with a trained facilitator, curricular choices as a way to focus the group, and the opportunity for Eucharist at home with a visit from one of our priests to each group. For the spring 2019 season, we will focus on loving our neighbors. Future seasons will focus on learning to love God and learning to love ourselves. As this program grows and develops, we will continue to develop topical resources for deepening our faith together. 

We hope that everyone will choose to participate in Christ Church Commons. Click HERE to register. It is often said that we can only grow if we try something new. We trust that this new program will provide some much-needed social and spiritual space in our vibrant and growing downtown congregation. Welcome to Christ Church Commons. 

Kate Alexander, Hannah Hooker, and Ragan Sutterfield


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