Weddings & Funerals


At Christ Church we ask anyone planning to get married in the church to visit first with one of our priests. A summary of the requirements for marriage are as follows:

  • At least one of the two people getting married must have been baptized.
  • There must be 30 days’ notice before the ceremony can be performed.
  • The couple must attend at least two pre-marital counseling sessions with one of our priests. If the couple to be married live at some distance from Little Rock, they may receive their counseling from some source and provide proof of the counseling to Christ Church.
  • If either one of the couple has been divorced, some extra time is needed to secure the bishop’s permission for the remarriage.
  • The wedding service will be conducted by one of our priests and according to the Book of Common Prayer, the Episcopal Church’s worship resource.
  • Other members of the clergy of other churches are welcome to help officiate during the wedding ceremony.
  • Fees for weddings are available by notifying the church office. A couple who wishes to get married at Christ Church, but who do not have the ability to pay the standard fees are encouraged to talk to one of our priests. Lack of money will not be a hindrance in getting married in Christ Church.


Christ Church is ready to provide a burial service for anyone who dies and whose family or friends wish to have a burial service at Christ Church. The first step after someone dies is to contact a priest so that an appropriate service can be planned. Some people choose to have a coffin present at the burial service. If so, the coffin is covered with a pall (large cloth covering) during the service, and the coffin is not opened in church or after the burial service. The only flowers in the church itself are normally the flowers in the vases at the altar. Other floral tributes that are sent to the church are placed in the narthex (foyer) or in the gallery.

Interment of ashes

If the remains have been cremated, burial in the Crease Close is available. After the service in the church the ashes are buried in the ground of this courtyard area. No urn from a funeral home is needed. There is a granite marker on the wall of the Close on which the name of the deceased and birth and death dates may be engraved. The cost for this engraving is available from the church office.

Graveside services

The priest normally goes to the graveside for the burial and committal of the body after the funeral. Some people prefer a short graveside service in lieu of a church funeral. Such a service takes about ten minutes and its details are worked out with the priest beforehand. There are no charges for burial services at Christ Church.