works of justice and mercy are essential to the Christian Life

One reason we keep the doors open at Christ Church is because we have neighbors in need in downtown Little Rock. We don’t want to lock our buildings down, and thereby lock out people Christ would have us serve. St. James said that faith without works is dead. And Jesus taught that whatever we do for the least of his brothers and sisters, we have done to him. Below you will find some of the ways Christ Church is putting faith into action, responding to needs in our community and around the world.


In the Community

Green Groceries

Green Groceries is a different twist on the traditional food pantry.  Instead of providing our guests with highly processed food, Green Groceries helps bridge the gap between local farms and people in need by providing baskets of fresh food on a bi-monthly basis.  With this program we both support small local farmers and those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford local, organic food.  If you would like to volunteer or if you or someone you know would like to sign up for the program contact our Green Groceries Program Director.


Watershed Discipleship

There are a number of opportunities throughout the year to gather with other Christ Church members to explore our “wild” neighborhood and encourage the flourishing of creation around Little Rock. To be a “watershed disciple” is to commit to learning from our local ecosystems and working from our Christian discipleship to care for the creation around us.  For more information contact The Rev. Ragan Sutterfield.


Arkansas Local Food Network

The Arkansas Local Food Network office is located at Christ Church. Each week you may order locally grown produce online from ASN’s Local Food Club and pick it up at Christ Church on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Join the Local Food Club by going to Check out all of ALFN’s programs at


Lazarus Guild

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells a parable about a rich man who has a poor man at his gate.  The point of the parable is to call on us to recognize the poor outside our doors and to enter into relationship with them.  The Lazarus Guild is a group of Christ Church members who seek to be in relationship with our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness or other needs.  We develop these relationships in various ways including joining our friends at Mercy Community Church for worship and helping run an emergency shelter on the coldest nights of the year.  For more information contact The Rev. Ragan Sutterfield.


Mercy Church

Christ Church is host to Mercy Community Church, a multi-denominational church that seeks to be a home for all those who seek God’s mercy, especially those who are living on the streets of Little Rock.  Mercy Church meets for worship at 2 pm on Tuesday and Thursday each week and then holds a bible study at 3 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. For more information contact The Rev. Ragan Sutterfield.


St. Francis House

Since 1970 The St. Francis House, a ministry of The Diocese of Arkansas, has been serving on behalf of people in need in our community. St. Francis House provides groceries, clothing, and other social services, a veterans re-entry program, and a health clinic. St. Francis House is an essential partner to Christ Church as we seek to serve the people in our downtown neighborhood. For more information go to



Once a month, a team of Christ Church volunteers serve lunch at Stewpot, an ecumenical meal ministry located at 1st Presbyterian Church, our neighbor two blocks to the south. For more information, or to join the Christ Church Stewpot team, contact The Rev. Joyce Hardy.


Disaster Response Team

Natural disasters have been all to common in Arkansas over the past few years. In response, parishioner Ginger Bailey has organized a disaster response team. Team members work with VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) groups across the state ministering in everything from the logistics of transportation to cleaning up brush and downed trees in the wake of a tornado. For more information contact Ginger Bailey.


Alcoholics Anonymous

Christ Church serves as the meeting place for Little Rock’s downtown Alcoholics Anonymous meetings each weekday at 12:00 noon. Meetings are held in the Undercroft beneath the Witsell Chapel. Entry is either through the red street-level door beneath the chapel at 205 E. Capitol Avenue or park on our 6th street parking lot and ask someone in the church office for directions to the AA room.

In the World

Heifer International

The headquarters of Heifer International are located in downtown Little Rock. Every Sunday at Children’s Chapel, the kids’ offering goes into a Heifer Peace Pipe to raise money for Heifer’s work to alleviate hunger and poverty around the world. Next time you’re downtown, give Heifer’s certified green building and the Heifer Village a visit.


United Thank Offering

Twice a year our Episcopal Church Women’s group receive donations for the United Thank Offering, an outreach ministry of the Episcopal Church. Click HERE for a sampling of the ministries UTO funds.


Millennium Development Goals

A study by the United Nations and endorsed by the Episcopal Church indicated that if individuals and organizations in more prosperous countries designated .7% of their income to the alleviation of extreme poverty and hunger, such tragedies could be eliminated. Christ Church has accepted the Millenium Development Goal challenge. We hope you will too.


Episcopal Relief and Development

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is at work around the world, wherever people are in need. Christ Church has supported the work of ERD with youth fundraisers and more. For more information about the ministry of Episcopal Relief and Development click HERE.