Welcome to Christ Church.

The red doors of Christ Church are an emblem of the life you will encounter within. They stand open in downtown Little Rock as an invitation to all who wander past. Depending on what time of day you enter, you may find a hushed place of prayer in the heart of the city, or you might encounter a room charged with the energy of Sunday morning singing. Our pews are filled each week with young and old, poor and rich, curious seekers and lifelong believers. Whoever you are, we pray that when you come to Christ Church you will encounter Jesus’s way of love.

As a church we seek to reflect the best of the Christian faith through generous belief and practice. Our particular form of prayer is rooted in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican tradition. We are one parish within the larger family of churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas and the global Anglican Communion. The best way to learn who we are is to come and join us as we seek to praise God, discover truth, and serve the good of all. Everything about our common life stems from our worship together.


Here, we encounter the sacred through our senses

From divine creation to the arts, the experience of the beautiful draws us redemptively into community, and helps form us in the life to which God has called us.


Here, we engage in a graced search for truth

Searching for the true is a hallmark found in the scriptures and traditions of the Episcopal Church. We engage our minds, bodies, and souls in the search for truth.


Here, We seek the welfare of the city

In the biblical story, all creation is proclaimed good. At Christ Church we believe in working together for the common good so that all might share in the gifts of God.

Connect with us.

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We’d love to get to know you, hear your story, and welcome you into our community. Come visit us on Sunday and our ushers, greeters, and clergy will be gathered near the front doors of the church before and after services to say hello and answer any questions. Upcoming events and opportunities to get involved can be found each week in our weekly email newsletter and Sunday service leaflet. If you have any questions, if you’re interested in getting married here, or if you just want to sit down for a cup of coffee with someone from our church, please fill out the form or give us a call.